ProDev® DDT

Archive of DDT for Apple //e and ][GS

Documentation (Manual and construction notes.)

Schematic (.dwg file format)

Board Art (.dwg file format)

All drawings and schematics are .DWG files. A free CAD program is available here if you need one.

][GS binaries (program, PROMs, PAL)

][GS program source

][GS DDTINIT.TXT Automatically initialize DDT on ][GS.

//e binaries (program, PROMs, PAL)

//e program source

Pictures of DDT

DDT parts list

Glenn Jones has created a DDT forum on his site, check it out.

ALL ProDev DDT Kits are SOLD OUT!!

We ran out of circuit boards. No further DDT Kits will be available.

Thank you for your patronage.






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